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Irene Hokens



 Irene Hokens turns 100!


               Bergland/Matchwood Historical Society member turns 100!

                                                   Irene Hokens

        It isn’t often one makes history while being a member of any Historical Society.  On August 26th, 1910 Irene Osier entered this world.  Born to Leon Osier and Margaret Heinz Osier, Irene spent her life in Matchwood. On November 1st. 1928, Irene married Sigurd (Sig) Hokens. Born to them are daughters Marguerite and Carl Barthels, Audrey and Louis Wagner, and son Sigurd Jr. who married Mary Grant.

       Irene spent her life on the family farm. She was her husbands right arm. Working along side him, they made a life for their family. It’s well known, behind every successful man, there is a great woman. Irene was that woman.

      It would take a book to tell of all the stories and accomplishments of Irene’s life. I’ve known her all of my life, and have never heard a word against her. Being a member of our Historical Society, she was always at every meeting and function. Just seeing her there made one feel good. I had
the privilege of attending her 100th birthday party. Arriving, I noticed a lot of cars parked along both  sides of the road, not to mention her driveway. people were everywhere. All I can say is it’s a good thing she had the party at her farm! She needed the farm to accommodate all of the guests. Her eyesight may be failing, but she sure remembered who was who! Guest count was over 130 people, but I think there was at least that many in her yard. One thing I can say for sure is both Bergland and Matchwood township was well represented.

     Irene, all of us that know and love you wish you many more fruitful years to come. I must admit, it would take a calculator to add up all the grandchildren. May God continue to bless you.