Norwich, Michigan Norwich, Michigan The 2nd Norwich School The first Norwich School was at the home of Katherine O'Rourke. This photo is of the first School built and was taken before the timber was cut. I would guess in the 1850's to 1860 era 66447669 Group shot Photo of workers in front of the stamp mill 66498658 Stamp Mill 66498659 Mine buildings Used for housing, meals, ect. 66488174 Mine office. The mine supervisor probably lived here also 66498662 Fire Tower The Norwich Fire Tower was used for many years. 66498657 Norwich Hotel Different from the Clubhouse. Note the two chimneys 66498660 Norwich Clubhouse This is really a Hotel, but was used as a gathering place. Hence the name "Clubhouse". Note single chimney. 66498661 The 3rd Norwich School Actually, this was the Livingston School, located on the corner of the Norwich/Livingston road. 66447670 St. Francis of Xavier runis This church was dedicated to St. Francis Xavier by newly elevated Bishop Baraga of Marquette on Aug. 24th, 1856. 66588701 North west view of ruins Father Fox was the Priest of this church 66588702 South view Sadly, a Cemetery grew around this church to encompass a few acres. There are 3 known Cemeteries and an Indian burial ground in and around the Norwich mine area. 66588703 The O'Rourke family plot I'm sad to say, of all the people buried at the Norwich, the O'Rourke family plot is the only plot maintained by their decedents. 66591753 Museum getting a facelift It's looking good and more to come! 93689118