Museum Museum The man of the hour Mike Flood, our "can't do without" man of all trades 100219486 Work begins Mike hard at work 100219531 The easy ones Almost finished 100220053 Some farm items 103418922 Rear view It looks great all the way around 100220423 Our new facelift finished All our hard work sure looks good 100219997 Our gift shop 103418923 Gunlak, town founder 1902 103418924 Main room 1 103418925 Main room 2 103418926 Norwich trail artifacts 103418927 Presidents 103418928 School room 103418929 Part of Soldiers corner 103418930 Easy copper washing machine many hours in resteration 170457319 Restored Sleigh In Memory of Armas Rautanen 134239689 Irene Hokens turns 100! 103415866