Bergland Museum & Heritage Center


Thu. 4/1 4:30 PM BMHS meeting

Monthly meeting at the Bergland Senior center.

Tue. 5/4 4:30 PM BMHS meeting

New meeting time at the Bergland Senior center will be the first Tuesday of each month.

Sat. 5/15 2:00 PM George Nilsen book signing

George Nilsen, former Bergland resident and Author will ba at our Museum to sign his books. Geroge currently lives in NC. All 4 of his books are very intertaining

Sat. 5/29 12:00 AM Open for season

Museum open for the season. noon to 5

Sun. 5/30 12:00 AM Open noon to 5

Open noon to 5

Mon. 5/31 12:00 AM Open noon to 5

last day of the holiday

Wed. 6/2 12:00 AM OPEN noon to 4

Begin summer hours

Fri. 7/2 2:00 PM Book signing with Hans Feld

Author Hans Feld will be at or Museum signing his book "My Compass Points North".

Wed. 8/11 4:30 PM Regular Monthly meeting
Sun. 2/14 6:00 PM Monthly meeting
Wed. 4/6 4:30 PM Bergland/Matchwood Museum Meeting

This will be the first meeting of the year to get events and times scheduled for the coming months. Bring ideas for any upcoming events.

Wed. 5/4 4:30 PM May , monthly meeting

Our monthly meeting will be held at the Lake Gogebic Senior Center. We will set a date  for clean up day. other business is work schedule for the summer and discuss any activities we might want to do.

Wed. 6/1 4:30 PM Mnthly Meeting
Wed. 7/6 4:30 PM Mnthly Meeting
Wed. 8/3 4:30 PM Mnthly Meeting
Wed. 9/7 4:30 PM Mnthly Meeting
Wed. 10/5 4:30 PM Mnthly Meeting
Wed. 11/2 4:30 PM Mnthly Meeting
Wed. 12/7 4:30 PM Mnthly Meeting
Wed. 1/4 4:30 PM Mnthly Meeting
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The April & May meetings cancelled

 due to the Coronavirus -19. 

Will keep you posted when the next meeting will be held .

Stay Safe and Keep Healthy!

Our address

Bergland/Matchwood Historical Society

Museum & Hertiage Center

P.O. Box 403

Bergland, Mi 49910

Want to be a member?

Call or email for information on dues.

Monthly Meeting

Meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:30 pm est


Monthly Meeting Dates

No upcoming events

Local Authors Books For Sale

Check our link for the books for sale by local authors.

Our History & Mission

The Bergland/Matchwood Historical Society has been in existence for 30 years. We met faithfully every month and enjoyed pot luck at the Senior Center. On August 1st 2009, we finally obtained a building for our Museum. We partnered with the Bergland Heritage and Cultural center and the Ottawa National Forest.

The Historical Society and the Heritage and Cultural Society have been merged under the heading as the Historical Society, and are located at the closed Bergland Ranger Station. The Historical Society Museum is located in the old Ranger house and small garage. The Forest office is now the Forest Service Museum with a large display of earlier days gone by,including a life size stuffed Smokey the Bear.

Our mission is to preserve, document, and display every artifact of these two Townships. The items we have on display at the Museum are either donated or on loan to us. When family or old photos are brought in, people have the option of either donating or loaning the pictures. Or make a copy of the original photo they bring in. We make excellent copies.