Bergland Museum & Heritage Center

What we are about

   We at the BMHS are dedicated to preserving our history and artifacts of the local area. We encourage everyone to bring in your old family photo albums and let us make copies of them. We can put those pictures on a CD or DVD for you. Tired of kicking all that old stuff out of the way? Check with us. We more than likely will be able to display it for you in your name. Looking for your ancestors? We may be able to help with that also. Looking for local authors, artists and crafters? We have all the latest available. Our gift shop is growing rapidly. We may be small town, but we offer big city services. Come on in. The coffee is always on.

   Have any old farm equipment cluttering up your yard or farm? Call us, as we might be able to use it for our lawn display. Those old milk machines taking up space? Have some old furniture in the attic no one wants? How about those boxes of old tools in the garage? Grandma's old cracked dishes? All above mentioned are more than likely historical artifacts. Each item has a story of it's own. We can put on display in your name.

   We have rooms dedicated to certain era's and areas. Our school room is second to none. Our Mining /Farm room is growing. The main room is dedicated to our town founder and the lumber era. Our Military room is very personalised. It includes data on every veteran of the armed forces, frome civil war to present. We are collecting as many photos of each veteran we can. Bring your children, let them see your history.